Çerez Politikası

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As Petrol Ofisi, we are a petroleum company having the most extensive retail sales network offering service throughout Turkey with our wide dealer network covering all 81 provinces and approximately 850 districts. Petrol Ofisi is the second private sector company of Turkey. Petrol Ofisi is Turkey’s leading fuel distribution and lubricants company with more than 1.700 fuel stations, 1 lubricant plant, 10 fuel and 4 LPG filling terminals, 20 aviation supply units and approximately 1,1 million m³ storage capacity. With our service approach focusing on the customer satisfaction and high-quality products, we are aiming to meet the fuel requirements of the consumers in a safely manner and transform their fuel shopping into a pleasant, fast and practical transaction.




With in the frame of the operational excellence concept, which we count among our most fundamental success criteria, we are continuing our station development activities in a regular manner and renew our stations according to our corporate identity. We are aiming to offer the most accurate solutions for the requirements of our customers through keeping service variety in priority besides the high-quality product and services at our stations. In this regard, with the cooperation we made with Migros - the leader of retail sector in Turkey - we are enabling the consumers to realize their grocery shopping while they get fuel for their vehicles. Within the scope of this cooperation, we are facilitating the life of our customers with MigrosJets which are located at approximately 100 stations and we aim to increase in number in every day. 

"We are offering service to our customers with the fuel, diesel oil, PO/gas, jet fuel, black products, LPG and lubricants within our sales portfolio. We are affixing our signature under the highest fuel economy value obtained to date both in the fuel and also diesel oil with the New Generation V/Max series fuels. We are offering fuel economy value up to 4 liters in 100 liters to our customers with New Generation V/Max Unleaded Fuel and New Generation V/Max Eurodiesel fuels (compared to non-additive fuels) that we developed according to the conditions of our country. 

For the development of the new generation fuels, we are making an R&D investment of 15 million dollars annually and cooperating with Afton Chemicals - number one in the world in this platform. The quality of our products are approved though the tests performed by the most accredited independent companies of our country and world." 

In addition to offering advanced technology, high-quality products to our customers, we are also offering additional advantages with Positive Card program. The number of the Positive Card members, who benefit from the advantageous point structure that we offer through the cooperations with different sectors, is currently more than 3 million. Furthermore, our customers are benefiting from advantageous shopping opportunity at Money member companies and Petrol Ofisi stations by means of the Positive Card and Money Club Card cooperation. As Petrol Ofisi, our main objective is to offer more than fuel to our customers at each station carrying our brand and to be the most reliable and strongest fellow traveler for the people.