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Differentiated or not, all fuel types supplied to the market by license holders in our country must comply with the European Union standards and the technical regulations set by EMRA. In this context, all of them can be used safely for all vehicles with respect to the fuel type. There are no restrictive distinctions between differentiated products and others in terms of organized features such as quality etc. according to vehicle types such as passenger car, coach, bus, truck, tractor, etc.

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The above value has been obtained by comparing unadditized fuels with Petrol Ofisi fuels developed for economy and power increase. Tests conducted by independent test centers reveal 3.7% fuel economy. This feature does not include New Prodizel. The amount of real economy may differ depending on the vehicle, driving pattern and driving conditions. For more information: www.petrolofisi.com.tr /0800 211 02 29 - 0555 675 55 55