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AutoMatic Plus

We have created AutoMatic Plus through which you will be able to access many information instantly on a SINGLE SCREEN such as the fuel consumption of the vehicle and location data by integrating the automatic fuel supply system with the Vehicle Monitoring System and now we present it your service.



What is the difference with AutoMatic Fuel Management?

     • AutoMatic Plus delivers the Km and location data of vehicles instantly in addition to all features of Automatic Fuel Management System,
     • Presents the fuel consumption reports of vehicles for the requested time periods in TL and LT,
     • Enables you to monitor your vehicles 7 days 24 hours on numerical maps,
     • Enables you to minimize the costs through travel plan, time management, employee efficiency and control, maintenance follow-up, etc.,
     • Creates the environment for ensuring the safe way back home for your employees by promoting safe driving and reports such trends,
     • Scores the drivers according to safe driving rules and ranks the efficiency among the drivers in your fleet with its Safety-StarsTM feature.
     • In addition to products that we will market in 2 different packages as STANDARD and ADVANCED, we can also deliver you any type of additional sensor service that you might request.
     • The existing Automatic equipment in your vehicles will be replaced and AutoMatic Plus equipment will be installed.
     • In addition to services that you receive through www.automaticplus.com.tr, you can learn in real time from which station, when and how much fuel your vehicle has received and also the time location, working status, speed, driver’s driving style and performance very easily any time independent of the fuel purchase.
     • You can follow the vehicle maintenance, service and oil change dates as well as insurance periods through AutoMatic Plus by assigning duty.

Please click www.automaticplus.com.tr now to switch to AutoMatic Plus.