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Confidentiality Undertaking


The privacy of our customers is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, all measures are taken to retain the security of the information you have given to us. Each time you visit our Web site, your domain name is identified by our server, and your e-mail address that you use to send us e-mails to communicate with us is stored. The information that we gather will only be used internally unless otherwise stated by you.  
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The Petrol Ofisi Joint Stock Company ("Petrol Ofisi") operates this site ("Site") to inform you, and to provide you with knowledge and ways of communication. The use of and access to the Site is subject to the terms and conditions stated below

1. Petrol Ofisi makes a significant effort to ensure that the information and material contained in this Site are valid and correct, however, does not give any guarantee whatsoever that the information, texts, graphics, links or other subjects in the Site, or in the sites that have links to our Site, or the sites to which our Site gives links are correct, reliable or complete. Petrol Ofisi cannot take any responsibility for any mistake or neglect of the material in the Site, or in the sites that have links to our Site, or the sites to which our Site gives links. Petrol Ofisi reserves the right to change the programs, policies, products and services provided in this Site any time without prior notice.

2. The information and material in this Site is provided to you AS IS, and you will take the responsibility when using this Site, or other sites that have links to our Site, or the sites to which our Site gives links, and PETROL OFİSİ DOES NOT GIVE ANY GUARANTEE WHATSOEVER IN ANY WAY OR UNDER ANY CONDITION IN THAT CASE. It is entirely under your responsibility if there is any damage to your computer or any other belonging, or if your computer gets infected with a virus as a result of using this Site, or any other site that has links to our Site, or other sites to which our Site gives links, or of downloading any material, text or picture from this Site or any other site that has links to our Site, or from the sites to which our Site gives links. PETROL OFİSİ WILL ASSUME NO LEGAL or CRIMINAL LIABILITY BECAUSE OF ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT DAMAGE RESULTING FROM YOUR ENTERING OR USING THIS SITE, OR ANY OTHER SITE THAT HAS LINKS TO OUR SITE, OR ANY SITE TO WHICH OUR SITE GIVES LINKS.

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6. Petrol Ofisi reserves the right to revise the Terms of Use of the Web Site from time to time. Your use of this Site constitutes your unconditional acceptance of the new terms and conditions stated by Petrol Ofisi..

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