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Aviation Sales - POAIR

Petrol Ofisi, which operates in the aviation and jet fuel market since 1967, is in the leading position in the sector through its activities with its brand POAIR. POAIR serves over 200 domestic and international airlines in Turkey and abroad. Petrol Ofisi, which delivers fuel to over 250.000 aircraft each year, serves with zero error and zero delay principle within the scope of the international aviation standards and continues its activities in that regard with significant operational success. POAIR, which is a member of IATA since 2005, also provide refueling service in certain locations outside of Turkey through its business collaborations.


As it provides timely and safe fuel supply with international standards, Petrol Ofisi Aviation Sales also offers unparalleled services and solutions to its customers with its extensive refuel network, high quality products and expert staff.

Petrol Ofisi Aviation Sales by the Numbers

   • 50 years of aviation experience, 
   • Refuels of over 250,000 planes per year,
   • Refueling activities in 19 airports across Turkey,
   • Yearly jet refuels of over 1,200,000 m³,
   • International Air Transport Association (IATA) membership. 
With our professional perspective, quality products, supply security and value adding solutions, we make your work easier and reduce your costs. These commitments are valid for all the products and services we provide.

Supply Security

• High Health Security Environment Safety (HSSE) standards,
• Uninterrupted refueling at all service locations thanks to the extensive terminal network and capacity.

Easy To Do Business With

• 24/7 easy access, 
• Sector expert sales and support staff, 
• Segment specific, customer services contact you can easily reach, 
• Provision of all requests with a single contact person, 
• Uninterrupted daily reporting that makes the operations of the customer easier, 
• The opportunity to obtain all fuel needs from a single supplier.

Competitive Conditions

• Formula based transparent pricing,
• Competitive commercial conditions through the opportunities provided by the fuel-logistics infrastructure and the financial power.

Quality Products

• Product scale that provides the needs of the sector (Jet A-1, JP-8 and Avgas 100/130 LL), 
• Worldwide products that comply with the standards determined by the sector, 
• Products with constant high quality and standards.

Industry Professionals

• Reliable employees that know about the customer demands and who have a grasp of the market,
• Solution oriented operation and sales staff who can take initiative.


Petrol Ofisi A.Ş 
Aviation Directorate 
Next to Atatürk Airport 
Tel: +90 212 465 77 00 - 05
Fax: +90 212 465 77 09
E-mail: poair@poas.com.tr