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About Us

In the supply of white and black fuel products required by many sectors such as, aviation, marine, industry, mining, agriculture, transportation and construction, Petrol Ofisi is always close to its customers’ and business partners’ with its high quality products, advanced logistics network, strong infrastructure and operational service experience dating back years.

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Wouldn’t you want your work to go on quickly and safely?

We carry out our commercial and corporate activities in the fuel sector with the segments of “Wholesales”, “Marine Sales”, “Aviation Sales” and “Public Sales”, each with its own expert sales staff. Thanks to our storage facilities located at strategically important places and our high stock capacity, as we offer the highest supply security to our customers, we can provide the fuel products you demand quickly, with high quality and in the most economical way. With our strategy of always close to our customers’ side, we aim to boost profitability by increasing the productivity and by reducing the costs.

With our professional perspective, quality products, supply security and value adding solutions, we make your work easier and reduce your costs. These commitments are valid for all the products and services we provide.

Supply Security

• We deliver to our customers the products they need safely and quickly,
• We keep our environmental responsibility high by reducing the risks of accidents to a minimum.

Easy To Do Business With

• With a single contact person, we make sure that all demands of our customers are met, we care about the concerns of our customers, we offer quick and value adding solutions based on their needs.

Competitive Conditions

• By bringing the performances up to the highest level with our quality products, we make important contributions to reducing the costs.

Quality Products

• Each of our products have superior quality and standards. Each of our products comply with the legal and environmental regulations on every stage of the supply process; therefore, our customers see Petrol Ofisi as a reliable business partner.

Industry Professionals

     • We know about the sectors, works and regional features of our customers and as industry professionals we understand them and we speak the same language. 
     • Thanks to our fast decision making mechanism, we can build long term business partnerships with our customers. 
     • For our customers what we have promised them is always a priority for us, and sharing our professional perspective with them on each step of our business partnership, is our main goal.